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B. Braun demands and promotes responsible conduct

For B. Braun, compliance means more than just legal conformity; it also encompasses ethical values such as fairness, integrity and sustainability. As a family company, the company management of B. Braun has acted as a globally law-abiding and socially responsible company management since the very beginning in 1839.

In order to uphold this principle as the company grows, the B. Braun group has introduced a binding Code of Conduct. Furthermore, a comprehensive compliance management system was introduced in order to be able to follow globally uniform standards. A Corporate Compliance Office and a Local Compliance Officer safeguard the necessary conditions to implement this policy in all country organizations.

Program and Procedure

The Management of each B. Braun Group Company is responsible for establishing and maintaining an appropriate Compliance Program, which includes a local Compliance Committee, the appointment of a Compliance Officer, dissemination and training on this Code of Conduct, regular monitoring of the Company’s compliance status, regular and periodic written status reports, and the creation of reporting channels to encourage employees to report any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct or suspected violations of law.

Employees are expected to report any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct or violation of law. Employees are encouraged to report suspected violations to their supervisors but may report through other channels as may be established by the local Compliance Officer or Committee including intranet reports, anonymous communication or direct reports to the local Compliance Officer or Compliance Committee. All reports will be appropriately investigated and corrective action will be taken as required. The B. Braun Group prohibits any retaliation against an employee for reporting a violation in good faith.

B. Braun Compliance Organisation 

Responsibles Group Compliance Office 

Dr. Volker Daum
Group Compliance Policy Officer
B. Braun SE
Group Compliance Office
Werk Stadtwaldpark
34212 Melsungen
Thomas Klabunde
Group Compliance Organisation Officer
B. Braun SE
Group Compliance Office
Werksanlage Pfieffewiesen
34212 Melsungen

Compliance Documents

Description Document Link
Code of Conduct
pdf (77.3 KB)
FAQs - Compliance
pdf (101.6 KB)